Organ Restoration

Work is commencing on the restoration of our 120 year old Endsleigh ‘bellows operated’ American organ. The work will be completed by Paul Neiland & Associates, Pipe Organ Builders.

The ‘Endsleigh’ organ was the name given to a particular style of “American Organ’ built by the London company of James Humphreys & Son.  James Humphreys was born in 1842 and the UK census of 1871 shows him trading as a harmonium reed maker. He commenced trading in the construction of American reed organs in 1883 at 198 Seymour Street, Oakley Square, London.

The American Organ in the Friends Meeting house has the name Piggott & Co. of Suffolk Street, Dublin on the console. They were agents for James Humphreys & Son.

An American organ differs from a harmonium in that it ‘sucks’ wind through the reeds and is similar in shape to an upright piano, whereas the latter ‘blows’ wind through the reeds and are mainly of French origin. Musically they are far superior to any electric instrument and require no aftercare.

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