Quaker Meeting for Worship

Meeting for Worship is held every Sunday from 11am to 12 noon, in the Friends Meeting House, Enniscorthy.  We gather in silence believing that the Holy Spirit, however understood, will lead us to worship.  Any person who feels moved to do so may speak at the meeting.  We believe that God exists in everyone, so that anyone can experience divine love and guidance. It is also usual to hold a Meeting for Worship on Christmas morning. Our Meetings for Worship are open to all who would like to attend.

Meeting for Worship on the second Sunday of every month.

Following the weekly Meeting for Worship on the second Sunday of every month, we enjoy a time of social chat, a cup (or two) of tea or coffee and delicious home made cakes and biscuits. This is a time when all present catch up on the ‘local happenings’ the ‘national debates’, its a time to share laughter, concerns and friendship and all are assured of a warm welcome.

Youth at Meeting for Worship.

At Meeting for Worship in Enniscorthy, babies, children and young people are very welcome. On most Sundays, an optional youth education programme is available for the final 20 – 30 minutes of our Meeting for Worship. The programmes reflect the diverse ethos of Friends in Ireland. All Meetings adhere to the Ireland Yearly Meeting  Child Protection Guidelines

‘Young Friends’ also hold weekend, annual, local, national and international events. Their input, opinions and youthful insights are a valuable and integral part of the Religious Society of Friends.

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