Ballinclay Burial Ground (Camolin)

Ballinclay Burial Ground which dates from 1778 is situated in the middle of a large field and is framed in a small copse. It is surrounded by a stone wall and its entrance is that of an arched gateway. Originally it was divided in to 2 unequal plots, the smaller containing a shed and the larger was used for burials. In 1882 the dividing wall was removed. In springtime, the ground is carpeted by a beautiful display of crocuses. (Source: David M. Butler, The Quaker Meeting Houses of Ireland, 2004)

Status: In use, recent burials, some grave mounds visible, some headstones extant.

Names of families buried there include: Wright, Jameson, Haughton, Poole

Location Map & Photos (Click an image to enlarge it)

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