Corlican Burial Ground (Rahaniska or Raweska, Killurin)

Corlican or Rathaniska Friends Burial Ground is located in an ancient circular ring fort (rath). Its boundary is of earthen bank, approximately 34m in diameter. It is surrounded externally by a flat-bottomed fosse or ditch which measures up to 6m wide and 1.3m deep in places (Moore,1996). It was in use as a Friends Burial Ground by 1666 and the last recorded burial is in 1953. Some of the first Quakers in Wexford are buried here in Corlican including; Francis Randall (d 1692) and his wife Margaret (d 1673), Robert Cuppage (d 1683) and Sarah Holme (d 1676) wife of Thomas Holme, Surveyor General of Pennsylvania.  (Sources: Michael J. Moore, Archaeological Inventory of County Wexford, 1996 & David M. Butler, The Quaker Meeting Houses of Ireland, 2004 & Lory Kehoe, Glynn 1789-1989)

Status: Not in use, overgrown with trees and scrub, some grave mounds visible, some headstones extant.

Names of families buried there include: Allen, Brown, Barrington, Cullimore, Cuppage, Davis, Deaves, Elly, Fossey, Goff, Godfrey, Green, Grundy, Holme, Hilary, Lockington, Martin, Randall, Woodcock, Chamberlain, Fuller, Handy, King, Poole, Sparrow, Willan, Bewley

Location Map:

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