Ballinclay Friends Meeting House (Camolin)

Ballinclay Meeting House was built in 1743 by John Wright. The meeting had moved there in 1742 from Israel Websters of Ballinclare. The site was recorded as a ‘deed of gift… a meeting house and horse house’. This meeting house was situated close to John Wright’s house and a burial ground was also provided for.  In 1778, John Wright, a successor to the previously named, built another meeting house further away from his residence and in 1779 took back the 1743 site. Nothing remains of this earlier property.

The 1778 meeting house stood on the opposite side of Wrights residence to the burial ground and a ‘long straight track’ ran from it, along beside the walled garden of Wright’s house, past the Burial Ground and onward to join the road.

Ballinclay Meeting and Ballintore Meeting had formed as one meeting since 1809 and in c.1830 Ballinclay Meeting was ‘laid down’. The Meeting house was then deliberately thrown down and the roofing timbers and slates re-used. (Source: David M. Butler, The Quaker Meeting Houses of Ireland, 2004)

Also see Ballinclay Burial Ground

Status: Demolished

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