Cooladine Friends Meeting House (Enniscorthy)

Cooladine Meeting House was likely to have been built about 1700. It was in that year the meeting in Knockduff was removed to Cooladine and a meeting at Curraduff, which had been settled in 1668, had removed there previously. A lease of 1784 records the meeting house, horse-house and horse park. By 1812 this early building had been demolished.

An influx of Friends who had formerly met at Randall’s Mill could have been the reason to rebuild the meeting house. In 1882, Monthly Meeting possessed a ‘meeting house, horse house and horse park at Cooladine’ and on a separate site, ‘Friends Burial ground at Cooladine’. It too had been demolished by 1900. A modern dwelling house stands on the old horse-park. “Between the park and the yard, where the meeting house and stable were situated, may be seen the base of a well built stone wall, all that remains of the former, with nearby some ruined walls of the latter. The building appears in two undated photographs as an ivy-covered ruin.” (Source: David M. Butler, The Quaker Meeting Houses of Ireland, 2004)

Also see Cooladine Burial Ground

Status: Demolished

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