Forest Friends Meeting House (Taghmon)

Forest Friends Meeting was settled early, probably about 1666-’67 and may have succeeded to the very first Meeting of Friends in Wexford which had been settled at the home of Francis Randall in Edermine in 1657. This meeting then removed to Lambstown (home of Robert Cuppage) in 1666. Lambstown and Forest were used interchangeably during that period. Another Meeting at Bregarteen, [at the house of Thomas Holme], ‘removed to Forest, a branch of Lambstown’ in 1672.

In 1780 Isaac Cullimore of Newtown leased 1 acre to Jacob Goff for Friends, as a site for a meeting house and for a burial ground [and horse park] for 6d pa. The Meeting House was built in 1783. It seated about 200 people which was unusually large for a country meeting house. The site also contained a ‘horse park’, stables, caretakers dwelling or library. The Meeting House was registered in 1845 and in 1882 records show that Forest Friends possessed a ‘meeting house and premises and burial ground’. The yard to front where the Meeting House stood was divided from the burial ground to the rear by an earthen bank. (Source: David M. Butler, The Quaker Meeting Houses of Ireland, 2004)

Also see Forest Burial Ground

Status: Demolished – partial ruin visible

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