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Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.)

Alcoholics Anonymous hold regular meetings at The Friends Meeting House in Enniscorthy. Full details of the meetings may be obtained at

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Ballinclay Burial Ground (Camolin)

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Ballinclay Burial Ground which dates from 1778 is situated in the middle of a large field and is framed in a small copse. It is surrounded by a stone wall and its entrance is that of an arched gateway. Originally it … Continue reading

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Cooladine Burial Ground (Enniscorthy)

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Cooladine Burial Ground dates from 1799 when “Elizabeth Chamberlain leased to Friends of Cooladine, a plot of land for their own burial ground, of 1 rood, 20 perches in extent. “The register records 100 burials since 1811 with a note … Continue reading

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Corlican Burial Ground (Rahaniska or Raweska, Killurin)

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Corlican or Rathaniska Friends Burial Ground is located in an ancient circular ring fort (rath). Its boundary is of earthen bank, approximately 34m in diameter. It is surrounded externally by a flat-bottomed fosse or ditch which measures up to 6m wide … Continue reading

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Forest Burial Ground (Taghmon)

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Forest Burial Ground comprises of 1 acre, 2 roods and 15 perches. It was situated to the rear of Forest Meeting House and was separated from it by an earthen bank. The first recorded burial was that of Jacob Martin … Continue reading

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New Ross Burial Ground

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New Ross Burial Ground was already known as a Quaker burial ground when it was acquired from John Elly in 1730. It is walled with an arched entrance gate. A list of burials from 1730 -1859 are recorded. (Source: David M. … Continue reading

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Wexford Town Burial Ground

Wexford Town Burial Ground was acquired in 1726 when Elnathan Allen leased to Friends, 4 perches sq ‘near the town wall of Wexford for ever at 2/- pa’. however a report in 1876 states that after only 2 burials the … Continue reading

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Organ Restoration

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Work is commencing on the restoration of our 120 year old Endsleigh ‘bellows operated’ American organ. The work will be completed by Paul Neiland & Associates, Pipe Organ Builders. The ‘Endsleigh’ organ was the name given to a particular style … Continue reading

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Quaker Meeting for Worship

Meeting for Worship is held every Sunday from 11am to 12 noon, in the Friends Meeting House, Enniscorthy.  We gather in silence believing that the Holy Spirit, however understood, will lead us to worship.  Any person who feels moved to do … Continue reading

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Monthly Gospel Meeting

A Gospel meeting is held in the Friends Meeting House, Enniscorthy on the first Sunday of every month between 7.30pm and 9pm.

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