Early History of Quakers in Wexford

Pre 1751
“For some war was too much, never again would they carry arms.
Of such were Major Robert Cuppage, Captain Thomas Holme and Francis Randall”

And so it was that these 3 men and their families were the first Quakers to settle in county Wexford.

The first Quaker meeting took place in Edermine, Enniscorthy in 1657
in the home of Francis Randall. The meeting was then moved to Lambstown or Forest


  • 1666 or 1667 a meeting was settled at Lambstown
  • 1668 Meeting settled at Curraduff, later moved to Cooladine
  • 1671 a meeting settled at Ballycarney, moved afterward to Ballynabarney
  • 1672 at Bregarteen, since moved to Forest, a branch of Lambstown
  • 1689 a meeting settled in Ballynabarney having been held at Ballycarney
  • 1694 At Ballynacarrig, at William Sandwith’s
  • 1697 the monthly meeting of Ballynabarny was moved to Israel Websters at Ballinclare
  • 1697 The particular meeting at Ballynabarny was moved to Knockduff
  • 1697 The particular meeting at Knockduff was moved to Cooladine where it remains AD 1751
  • About the year 1726 the meeting at Ballinclay was removed to Ballydonnel at Robert Websters and hence to John Wrights about the year 1736
  • 1739 The meeting at Ballincarrig was moved to the house of Joseph Williams at Randalls Mill where it continues AD 1751
  • 1742 About this time the meeting from Israel Websters of Ballinclare was moved to John Wrights at Ballinclare and to Joseph Smithson’s at Ballintogher, in turn
  • 1743 John Wright built a meeting house at his own cost at Ballinclay.