Enniscorthy Friends Meeting House

Welcome to our Meeting House which was built in 1756.

In 1797 the Earl of Portland renewed his lease to Friends of ‘a meeting house and buildings contiguous’ with a penalty if used otherwise. Of course, the building is still used as a Friends Meeting House and as such is the oldest building in Enniscorthy still used for its original purpose.

During 1798 the building narrowly escaped being burned down as a Friend, Joseph Haughton’ from the nearby village of Ferns recalled, ‘ I observed they [United Irishmen] had broken a large hole in the ceiling, which we were afterwards told was for the purpose of more readily setting it on fire, but others of that party stopped them’.

An extension was added to the meeting house in 1869, which comprised of a new block parallel with the old. This larger meeting room is well lit with windows all around and is connected to the older rooms by a ‘new’ entrance lobby.

Another block was added in the 1990’s to include a kitchen area and modern segregated toilet facilities.

The ground floor meeting rooms, kitchen and toilets are wheelchair friendly.

(Click on an image to enlarge it)

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